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the ooey-gooey, heart-melting core of my business

I am just a creative mommy who decided she would chase her passions as much as she chases her toddler- which is a ton. My goal is to empower other female entrepreneurs and passionate parents to pursue their dreams through bold beautiful design and confidence-inspiring copy. 

bite-sized details about me

  • Before I started my business, I worked in Property Management (I even won Leasing Agent of the Year in my region)

  • My favorite pastimes are compulsively watching HGTV and browsing Realtor for houses that I will never be able to afford (a girl can dream, right!)

  • I am the proud (and slightly exhausted) mother to an energetic four year old who "aides me" in the conception and design process 

  • If I could go anywhere in the world, I would start with Barcelona 

  • A perfectly aged wine paired with a juicy steak is the fastest way to my heart

an origin story to tickle your taste buds

 "Dreams are like acorns- plant them well, tend them carefully, and they will grow to be as mighty as the oak." 

West Oak Creative is rooted in passion, authenticity, and the pure desire to see female entrepreneurs and mom bosses prosper. After years of working outside of the home, feeling overwhelmed with the conflicting demands of motherhood and career, I made the decision to embrace my natural creativity and the potential chaos of working from home. Now I get to do what I love and love what I do, every single day, while helping other women do the same.  

every project is home-baked and oozing with authenticity

I approach every project with a single goal- to deliver a finished product that inspires confidence and charisma in my client. I take great care in genuinely getting to know YOU, so that each creative component of your business serves as a reflection of your value and distinct personality.