Dreams are like acorns- plant them well, tend them carefully, and they will grow to be as mighty as the oak. 

When we welcomed our little one into the world I didn't think twice about going back to work. Sure, I was going to miss him. Sure, I wished that I could find a remote position. Sure, I didn't want to choose career over child rearing- but It was just  what women do. 

For almost 3 years, I spent 50+ hours per week pouring all of my energy and ambition into someone else's dream- rushing home and hurrying through the paces to get the most out of the few hours I had to be a mother. It never got easier- in fact, it got harder. Why was I sacrificing memories with my child for money? Why had I bought into the idea that there was more stability in traditional employment- there wasn't. Everything that I was gaining in predictable income, I was losing in dissatisfaction, stress, and creative restrictions.

There's something terrifying about following your heart. Especially as mothers, it seems we want to do all of the things we are supposed to do, often ignoring what it is that we truly want to do. But imagine what kind of example you could set for your child if you choose to pursue your passions instead of doing what's expected? 

West Oak Creative was born out of optimism and a pinch of desperation. I longed to play a more active role in raising my child, but I also needed something that was just for me- not the mom me, but the dreamer in me. I've found fulfillment and satisfaction in helping other mothers achieve their business goals through gorgeous, affordable designs. Working closely with other women who want to get the most out of motherhood truly fuels me. 

Courtney Miller