Wine- The Solopreneur's Silent Partner


Warning: The passage you're about to read may prompt you to consider your own business relationship with wine- is it your comical coworker lightening the mood or your bold business partner prepared to give you the pep talk necessary to get s*** done. If you're having trouble deciding, feel free to slip into something comfortable (like your favorite work sweats), crack open a delicate yet full-bodied red, and enjoy the blog post below.

Though desirable, when you start a solo venture you will inevitably be met with tasks you simply do not want to do. After braving through balancing your books, or staring at your screen for hours without a single spark of creativity, you'll likely long for someone to serve as a great motivator or delightful distraction from your work drama. That's where the Vinos come in. Available at the pop of a cork, these delightful characters are the lively, rich, and sometimes smoky personalities every solopreneur needs to put some pep in their step, wind in their sails, and bliss in their biz.   

Meeting up with Meticulous Merlot:  You're ready to get stuff done, you just need someone to help you focus. Similar to your high school study buddy, Merlot puts you at ease while keeping you on track. Also like your teenage tutor, you may find that you develop feelings for Merlot. Don't fret, with such a palatable profile, Merlot is accustomed to people swiping right. 

Reasoning with Ruminative Riesling: Something has gone awry- perhaps a prospective client has ghosted you or you've gotten some less than lovely notes delivered to your inbox. No matter the issue, you can't shake the bad experience. Ruminative Riesling is ready to evaluate, re-evaluate, and RE-re-evaluate the situation with you. Prepare for a long night of overthinking and objections, when you and Riesling are together it's what you do best. 

Rallying with Rollicking Rosé: Rosé's sparkling personality pairs perfectly with a celebratory night. Even if it's just the two of you catching up on your reality TV guilty pleasures, you're guaranteed to enjoy her sweet, smooth style. Definitely roomie status, she's the kind of girl you'll never get enough of! 

Hanging out with Sassy Shiraz: Jam packed with flavor, this bold buddy will tell you like it is from the start. Though sweet enough to let you vent, she doesn't pare down her robust presence for the sake of sugarcoating. Short, sweet, and to the point- she's the perfect partner when you simply need a gentle kick in the rear! 

Staying up with Sensible Sherry: We all need a sweet, consistent friend to motivate us and remind us where we're going. Though her space is a little smokey, Sherry's dry sensibility and her down to earth style make her the perfect addition to your crew. Prepared to comfort you while offering perspective, she's the ideal pal for a night of planning. Her well-rounded disposition will have you confidently setting realistic goals all night long.  

The Vinos are clearly a big family with a lot of bold personalities. While they don't get to come by often (logistics are a nightmare), I always enjoy an impromptu post toddler bedtime visit from any Vino. I wouldn't be surprised if you've had the pleasure of sharing a night with one of these comical characters yourself. 

Until next time, 


Courtney Miller