5 Stress Relieving Activities You'll WANT to do with your kids


On the off chance that this blog is still active by the time my child is of reading age, I'd like to preface this post with the following: These tips are inspired by the actions of an entirely fictional, naughty child and are in no way inspired (loosely or down to an f*ing T) by my actual challenging *ehm* angelic 4 year old son, whom I love so much that it's exhausting (literally). 

Okay, now that we got that out of the way- how many of you have been personally victimized by your child? Oh- everyone? Yeah- same! Out of all of the unsolicited advice parents receive when they're expecting a child, the one thing people "neglect" to mention is that children are actually tiny sociopaths sent to test the limits of your unconditional love. They smother you (in love), push the limits (of your heart), and make you want to explode (from the pure joy they bring to your life EVERY. SINGLE. DAY). I may or may not be typing in code- he's always watching. 

When you and your child are having SO MUCH FUN together that you could LITERALLY SCREAM, here are five, fun-filled activities you all can do to bring the party (and blood pressure) down. 

My child spraying my last connection to the outside world- someone send help!

My child spraying my last connection to the outside world- someone send help!

01. Water Gun Fight

When your child has your blood boiling, there's no better way to cool off than "catching them outside" and exacting your revenge- in the form of a water gun fight. You can chase them around, douse them in water, and get the satisfaction (read: sweet victory) of hearing their joyful shrieks. Plus, it's hard to focus on your frustration when you're dodging tons of water. 

02. Have a Pillow Fight

If your child has you ready to call it a day (even at 10 AM), head to bed and grab some reinforcements. There's nothing like pummeling (I mean- gently grazing) your child with a cushion full of feathers to work a little aggravation out of the system.  Bonus: when you're done, you already have a head start on grabbing your nap time supplies (if you're still lucky enough to have a child that naps). 

03. Get the Heck Out of The House

Sometimes it can feel like the four walls of your house are closing in on you- usually that's because tiny plastic things have taken over most of the space and there is a little person convinced that you would like to be able to see every single one of your possessions from the comfort of your couch. When your heart starts racing, throw on your shoes and race out of the door. Take your little ones for a community excursion, play a traveling game of eye-spy, pretend to be members of the neighborhood watch- just get out. A little bit of exercise will calm your nerves and zap a bit of your little ones' energy. 

04. Throw A Living Room Dance Party

If you think dance fighting was lost in the 80's, you will be surprised at how cathartic busting out your moves in the face of a toddler meltdown can be. Create a playlist of songs that always get you in a good mood combined with jams from your kid's favorite soundtrack and get to twerk (I mean work). There's nothing more endearing than having a little one grab your hands and take you for a whirl- plus, it's literally impossible not to smile when your kid is showing off their moves. 

05. Tell Your Kid to Get Lost (Play Hide & Seek)

Missing the days where you could cover your face with your hands and disappear- try having the kid vanish instead. Challenge your little one to a game of hide and seek and savor the seconds (or minutes) spent counting and diligently searching for your child. Grab a snack and locate a few places in your house where your child will never look, like inside of the laundry hamper or inside their toy chest (because they never put anything away), and delight in the solitude. 

So, the next time your little one is leaving you with very little patience, I hope you can use these ideas to lighten up the mood and have a little fun. From one mom to another: May the odds be ever in your favor. 


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