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We are more than your developer.

We are a resource and facilitator, eager to  help you scale your business and increase your revenue while delivering outstanding work.

We believe that doing great work begins with loving what you do, which is why we collaborate with impassioned experts (like you) to develop impressive Squarespace sites for business owners around the world. Imagine being able to provide clients with a beautiful, functional website, in conjunction with your current services. If you're a branding professional, digital agency, or fellow designer, you no longer have to turn prospective clients away due to limited bandwidth or a smaller budget. Instead, mark-up a template, complete their branding, and deliver the content to us. We will quickly execute the design, working closely with you to tailor the template and integrate any necessary functions for your client. This simple, streamlined process enables you to do only the work that you love, while still providing a full-service approach to your customers.


  • Special Template Pricing: When you join our collaborator program, you receive discounted rates on all of the sites in our shop. This ensures that each time you sell a template, your margins for profit are optimal. 
  • Custom Tailored Design: While each of our templates are beautiful and functional, occasionally you may want a few alterations to the construction. As a collaborator you will be able to request deeper changes to the format of each site, so that it better serves your clients. 
  • 1:1 Training Sessions: We educate you on the maintenance of the site, so that you can better serve your clients in the future. 
  • Discounted Squarespace Subscription: Our status as a Squarespace Circle Member allows us to extend a 20% discount on annual service to your clients. 
  •  Continued Support: Should you need updates or assistance in the future, just shoot us an email. We will provide you detailed instructions for making alterations to the site, or pop in and handle the changes for you.