Project Overview

This client, an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for all things organization and planning, enlisted my services to build her virtual assistance brand from the ground up. Inspired by bees, but not so fond of their colors, she challenged me to to develop a website that payed homage to the beauty and work-ethic of our tiny buzzing friends, without incorporating the traditional "bee colors". Her website is a fun, feminine showpiece with flecks of gold and black that wink to her inspiration. Her copy mirrors this subtle, playful theme. 


" It has been such a smooth process and honestly, I'm really wowed by your work. 

-Antonique Jones



Do your many business responsibilities have you frantically buzzing around? 

I understand you! Between invoicing, expense tracking, managing ongoing projects, and making efforts to continually grow your enterprise, you’re struggling to unwind and smell those success-nourished roses. Your business has evolved from a single honeycomb brimming with passion to an industrious beehive rich in profits and opportunity. Your deep connection to your business makes acting as the hardest working bee second nature, but just like any prosperous hive you cannot do it all alone. 

You require assistance- someone to monitor those books, on-board those clients, supervise and streamline the laborious, yet integral, processes necessary to maintaining your sugary success. You need ME...

Exercise Enthusiast, Coffee Connouisser, and bubbly Business Beekeeper. I offer an enthusiastic approach to meeting the problems, time-constraints, and administrative responsibilities that accompany entrepreneurship, with inventive and efficient solutions. I endeavor to optimize your time, assume your workload, and make sure your business is still producing honey even when you’re away. 

So you can keep beeing awesome! 


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