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A fun, witty project for an impressive graphic designer- this copy writing project was all about using illustrative, "punny" language to convey my client's unique style and wealth of professional experience. 


" Courtney is a phenomenal copywriter! I needed to update all of the copy on my website and after filling out a short questionnaire, Courtney rewrote everything quickly, creatively, and in a voice and style that truly represents me and my business. I am extremely happy with the work that she did for me and am so excited about how my new site reads. I will 100% hire Courtney again for future projects and seriously cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks again so much for all of your hard work!!




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Welcome to Four Eyes Creative, a versatile studio centered around impressive graphics, inspiring photography, and innovative marketing solutions. Fitted with nine years of practical, corporate experience, a passionate perspective, and a pair of rose-colored glasses, I’m eager to transform your ostensibly blurry, boring ideas into crystal-clear, completed creative products. My holistic, versatile approach allows for the development of authentic branding concepts, gorgeous graphic designs, and pretty photography solutions perfect for businesses and families alike. 

Take a peek at my extensive selection of graphic design and photography selections, as well as a portfolio of my completed work. Want to know what it’s like to work with me? Slip on those reading glasses and settle in for a few opinion pieces on my latest projects penned by my clients. Feel free to contact me, if something catches your eye.

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