Let Light In

Project Overview

A personal development and academic storyteller hoping to empower and inspire youth- this client wanted a bold, yellow site to play up the light angle. Inspired by her passion to build confidence, coping skills, and compassion in students, I created copy, branding, and website that stuck true to Jennifer's personality and style, while maintaining a professional tone. 


" Courtney is an absolute POWERHOUSE web designer, graphics, copy, the full works! As a person she is brilliant to work with, friendly, professional, a great listener, great communicator, approachable, makes you feel at ease, flexible, SO helpful, goes above and beyond! She is the real deal and I cannot highly recommend her enough! I have used her twice for a full branding package...in less than 24 hours of my site going live, my services have been booked in 5 times over and still counting, all raving more about my site, before my work. She is worth every cent of investment! 

-Jennifer Wright



The mother to six incredible children, storyteller, speaker, science enthusiast, lifelong learner and survivor of the most tragic of circumstances.  I've devoted the past two decades of my life to shaping the next generation in an unconventional way. Passionate about faith, family and people, I have an intense desire for personal growth and development, I use storytelling as my approach to helping others.  Over the course of 12 years, my family and I have travelled all over Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands. We have been blessed with the distinct opportunity of experiencing diverse cultures while working and living closely with unique learners, indigenous children, and at-risk youth. 

The process of redirecting my students to a path of productivity while illuminating their worth had an immense impact on my perspective. Spending years helping these children embrace and re-write their narrative, encouraged me to permanently adopt a lifestyle rooted in open, honest communication. As I witnessed these teens acquire the skills to listen to themselves, accept their experiences, and communicate in an authentic manner I felt emboldened to share this gift with every teen preparing for adulthood. 

My mission is to help teens and those who support them best. I encourage you to let light in and be directed by your truth story. In turn, witnessing young people undergo incredible transformation, from struggling with their identities to confidently experiencing the world. I truly love what I do and cannot wait to share this program with you.

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