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Project Overview

My client was tired of the dry, overly-technical copy often found on software websites. I brought her software to life by personifying her product, strategically incorporating the selling features and benefits without sacrificing humor and personality. 


" Courtney helped me with content for my website. She was able to do what multiple content writers couldn't! I am so appreciative that I hired her... I look forward to a continued relationship with Courtney/West Oak Creative!




Are your customers giving you their two cents? 

“We’re working on it.”

“Why? What have you heard?” 

 “OMG. Am I sending surveys?!” *immediately forgets to check* 

We’ve been there. In fact, there was a time when we shared in the ambiguous, detached responses above. Between overseeing employees, monitoring revenue, and handling all those back-end obligations, it’s easy to regard surveys as just another mandatory, lackluster element necessary to legitimize your business. To make matters worse, pleading with customers for reviews on popular forums like Facebook, Yelp, or Google, can be time consuming and ultimately fruitless. But having an online presence lacking testimonials can seriously limit your ability to grow. 

So if you need customer testimonials (which you absolutely do) then why not put a process to work that will optimize your time and offer valuable insight to your business? 

Enter your newest favorite digital employee- Quality Driven Software...

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