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This visionary cinematographer was struggling to illuminate the unique offering and immense value his team offered to clients. With my help, we took his clients on a journey- allowing them to revisit the beautiful moments that brought them to wedding planning and helping them imagine the impact a cinematic rendition of their wedding day will have on their future. 


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A whirlwind romance can knock you off of your feet, carry you to the altar, and lovingly guide you through life. Sure, a collection of photographs will serve you in recalling your special day, but as your memory fades so will the emotions surrounding those images. We at Rhys Ladhani Media believe that a love as beautiful and vibrant as yours deserves to be preserved, encapsulated in film, to wholeheartedly be celebrated in the years to come. Me and my team of Chicago based filmmakers, creatives, and lovers of love tell your story by inconspicuously capturing the little moments and big emotions stemming from your perfect day. From the nervous excitement emanating from you and your partner as you prepare to walk down the aisle to tears of joy shed by a parent giving away their child, we unobtrusively collect these moments to compile a gorgeous, authentic recollection of your wedding day. 

A beautiful wedding film, like a good love story  will make your heart sing, your eyes well, and your faith in genuine unconditional love grow. We endeavor to deliver a wedding film that will make you and your loved ones cry like you’re watching The Notebook, laugh like you’re viewing Father of the Bride, and rejoice knowing that this beautiful moment has been frozen in time. 

If you believe that a hopeless romantic and expert photojournalist acting as a fly on the wall would be the perfect addition to your wedding experience, then let’s chat. We would love to tell your story beautifully and authentically. 

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