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The Launch Guild (US)

Branding, Copy Development, & Web Design / View Service


The Launch Guild is a high-energy, high impact Online Business Management Agency that delivers productivity and professional growth to their clients without missing a beat! From launches and Pinterest Maintenance, to Operations and Content Management, their team adopts an upbeat and colorful approach to taking care of business- which made designing a bright, bold website, friendly copy, and a handwritten logo a no-brainer. The perfect marriage of fun and functional, The Launch Guild's website shows of their personality while delivering comprehensive information about the agency's wealth of expertise. 


The Launch Guild provides comprehensive Online Business Management, Launch Strategy, and Pinterest Management services to podcast creators, online coaches, and small business owners. We specialize in transforming your business goals into carefully orchestrated strategies, seamlessly streamlined systems, and perfectly executed processes intended to effortlessly scale your business. We endeavor to help you continuously exceed your clients’ expectations through carefully constructed packages and prompt, personable service.

Must haves: Purple, Pink, Yellow, & Navy married with a Modern Look  / visit site


Christina Sicoli, Actress (CA)

Web Design & E-Commerce Development/ View Services


Christina Sicoli is an accomplished actress with a roster full of roles and accolades (you may have heard her on Nickelodeon).  In addition to her notable entertainment experience, she is an absolutely phenomenal artist- creating one of a kind pieces that are so fun and soulful. When she felt like her website wasn't quite a reflection of her personality- she put me to work. As a nod to her work, we adopted a very clean, minimalist, script-like aesthetic and incorporated bold, fun head-shots for an interesting juxtaposition. We also established a bright, fun shop to house all of her available art pieces.  

Must Haves: Interesting minimalism/ view site


Ridgeway Soapworks & Kalmia Botanicals (US)

Web Design & Branding (Image & Color Story) View Services


This client owned a growing bath and beauty empire and desperately sought a site that effectively and beautifully combined her two distinct brands. We created a split Squarespace website, with one side featuring her luxury brand and the other showcasing her organic, homemade products. It was such a fun challenge and a true delight positioning her products in a beautiful manner.  

Must Haves: Organic, natural, and inclusive/ view site

Megan Jane Soutar Coaching (CA)

Website Development in collaboration with True North Digital Co.  / View Services


Jamala Mya Photography (CA)

Website Development in collaboration with True North Digital Co.  / View Services


Milky Life (AU)

Web Design & Copy Development View Services


A cool Australian based maternity clothing line catering to milky moms! This client needed a functional and beautiful e-commerce site to house athleisure fashions and nursing wear for her customers, She also wanted copy that empowered women in their roles as mothers and established a sense of community around her brand.

Copy Excerpt: 

We help you milk motherhood

Motherhood looks good on you- show it off! Milky Life was founded by a fellow mama with one simple goal in mind- to support and showcase the beauty of motherhood through vivacious and versatile maternity-fashions. With ease and effortlessness in mind, each clothing option offers a fresh approach to functional nursing and active-wear garments. Conceived, crafted, and curated with love, my brand is entirely focused on offering inclusive, attractive collections and innovative, eco-friendly breastfeeding gear to milky mums around the world.

Must Haves: Empowering Copy and Ease of Use / view site


Sarah Jayne Imagery (AU)

Web Design, Branding & Copy Development


This client wanted a digital presence that reflected her natural photography aesthetic and distinct appreciation for capturing perfectly imperfect moments shared between lovers, families, and friends. Inspired by the beautiful foliage of western Australia, the golden hour, and the slightly moody tone of Sarah's work- I created a cohesive collection of copy, branding, and website design that showcases her work while celebrating the beauty of her community. 

Copy Excerpt: 

Naturally, our outdoor sessions are favoured for their versatility and visual impact. Together, we’ll select the perfect location for your special celebration or portraits based on your vision. When the day arrives, I’ll frame each marvelous moment set against the impressive backdrop.

With a relaxed and accommodating shooting style, I take great care in capturing the happy-smiley moments while appreciating the smaller details the untrained eye may miss. A mix of fun prompts, candid shots, and the occasional pose allows for a collection of photographs brimming with striking, real moments. And if your reality includes a child that would rather roam the beach than sit still for a photograph- no worries! This mum is no stranger to snapping incredible images of a child on the move. I strategically work with children to transform the process from boring and forced to fun and playful. 

Must Haves: Immersive website that showcases body of work / view site


Bumbleworks (US)

Web Design, Branding, Copy Development/ View Services


This client, an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for all things organization and planning, enlisted my services to build her virtual assistance brand from the ground up. Inspired by bees, but not so fond of their colors, she challenged me to to develop a website that payed homage to the beauty and work-ethic of our tiny buzzing friends, without incorporating the traditional "bee colors". Her website is a fun, feminine showpiece with flecks of gold and black that wink to her inspiration. Her copy mirrors this subtle, playful theme. 

Copy Excerpt: 

I understand you! Between invoicing, expense tracking, managing ongoing projects, and making efforts to continually grow your enterprise, you’re struggling to unwind and smell those success-nourished roses. Your business has evolved from a single honeycomb brimming with passion to an industrious beehive rich in profits and opportunity. Your deep connection to your business makes acting as the hardest working bee second nature, but just like any prosperous hive you cannot do it all alone (....) I offer an enthusiastic approach to meeting the problems, time-constraints, and administrative responsibilities that accompany entrepreneurship, with inventive and efficient solutions. I endeavor to optimize your time, assume your workload, and make sure your business is still producing honey even when you’re away. 

So you can keep beeing awesome! 

Must Haves: Feminine, floral, NO YELLOW/ view site


Let Light In (AU)

Web Design, Branding, & Copy Development / View Services


A personal development and academic storyteller hoping to empower and inspire youth- this client wanted a bold, yellow site to play up the light angle. Inspired by her passion to build confidence, coping skills, and compassion in students, I created copy, branding, and website that stuck true to Jennifer's personality and style, while maintaining a professional tone. 

Copy Excerpt: 

The process of redirecting my students to a path of productivity while illuminating their worth had an immense impact on my perspective. Spending years helping these children embrace and re-write their narrative, encouraged me to permanently adopt a lifestyle rooted in open, honest communication. As I witnessed these teens acquire the skills to listen to themselves, accept their experiences, and communicate in an authentic manner I felt emboldened to share this gift with every teen preparing for adulthood. 

Must Haves: Bright Yellow & Youth Appeal / view site