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craving a tasteful digital presence that has your audience coming back for seconds? 

let me whip up something spectacular! 

The Business Bounty

LOGO + BRANDING + COPY DEVELOPMENT + WEB DESIGN (so basically- errything)

Prepare to have all of your online business dreams satisfied. This package is stuffed with value- providing you with every service you'll need to establish a stunning digital presence. From start to finish, each component of your business will be infused with your unique vision and laden in personality. 

Yields: A logo family (main logo, alt. logo, & favicon), full branding board (complete with colors, typography combinations, patterns & textures, & branding guidelines), website copy brand voice development, and the custom Squarespace site of your dreams. 

Prep: 4 -6 weeks

Investment: begins at $1750 

Digital Delight

web design + copy development

These perfectly paired services are the yummy basis for a captivating digital presence. With your existing branding in mind, I'll carefully craft a gorgeous website and complimentary copy- peppered with personality. Whether you're starting from scratch, or hoping to enhance your existing site, this package is sure to delight! 

Yields: Unique, original website copy reflective of your personality/professionalism and a gorgeous, custom Squarespace website that screams YOU. 

Prep:   4 weeks

Investment: begins at $1250


Prepped Perfection

personalized website template/ small custom site (4 pages)

This potluck style package allows you to achieve a professional website without the hefty price tag. Bring your existing branding & copy to the table and I'll bring a buffet of beautiful websites for you to choose from. If what you need is not on the menu, I'll create a simple Squarespace website (consisting of home, about, services, and contact pages), based on your answers to a simple questionnaire. Once you find the perfect pairing, I'll get to work- transforming the template or base site into a website that serves you and your audience! 

Yields: A personalized Squarespace website

Prep: 2-3 weeks

Investment: $625


made to order packages

Saucy Squarespace Site: Welcome clients and prospective customers to a website that dishes personality, professionalism, and innovative design. Whether it's a simple starter site or a deep e-commerce build, the finished product will be loaded with unique elements that scream YOU.  

Bold Branding: Just like a great meal, a great online presence is the result of starting with fresh, organic ingredients. I'll create authentic branding that serves your audience and appeals to your personal aesthetic. 

Lavish Logo: The cherry on top of a beautiful brand is a gorgeous logo to match. Call on me to deliver something palatable. 

Delectable Copy: There's nothing worse than bland, boring copy! I am an intuitive wordsmith leaping at the opportunity to sprinkle wit and personality throughout every page of your site. Whether you're longing for quirky, conversational phrasing or tasteful, professional writing- I'm your gal. 

hungry for creatives that sing your praises, showcase your value, and scream YOU? 

Let's get your project cookin'

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