Josephine- Squarespace Site

Josephine- Squarespace Site


Josephine was designed with creative entrepreneurs, inventive solopreneurs, and passion driven freelancers in mind. Short and sweet, this website is all about making the most of each page while showcasing your personality. An omnipresent contact button makes it a breeze to submit an inquiry no matter what page you're on. A clean blog layout, unique project pages, and a fun about page round off the list. 


Note:  To view the website, simply select visitor access and enter the code. Waa-laa! A beautiful site awaits exploration. :)

How it Works: Our websites are installed and personalized for you, because you're far too busy for DIY.  Simply select the template that best fits your needs, schedule an installation date, and upload the content necessary to transform this creative canvas into a truly custom site.


  • Images
  • Copy 
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Logo
  • Products **


  • Beautiful canvas frame 
  • Image/Text layering  
  • Fixed navigation menu
  • Contact Form located in top right corner of every page
  • Individual Project/Case Study Pages
  • Instagram Feed


  • E-commerce Capable
  • Customizable Share & Social Buttons


  • Logo must stay in the center (though it can be moved beneath the frame) 



** All of our websites are e-commerce capable! The portfolios/galleries in each of our templates can easily be transformed into a shop housing all of your goods. If you'd like us to tackle the e-commerce integration and uploading of products to your site, we are happy to do so at an additional cost. Want to handle it on your own, check out this helpful link

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